Mutual Emotional Support through Soulbonding

Sometimes the best friend, and the best support, is someone so close to you, they’re sharing your body with you.

Soulbonds can be an amazing source of emotional and mental support, and they are something that many people can experience to a greater or lesser degree.

A soulbond can be there for you, when no one else is there, to give you words of comfort, advice, or praise. A bond can hold you mentally when you need a shoulder to cry on. Soulbonds can offer their own wisdom and experience to you in unfamiliar situations.

Some people have bonds can even take over their body for you in times of stress, and deal with situations that would cause discomfort or distress. Soulbonds can act as guardians, advisers, friends, and even lovers, and their presence can be a great comfort.

However it is important to remember that every soulbond is a connection to a real other person from outside yourself. They are not tulpa, servitors, or entities created by you, and this means that a soulbond will always have their own feelings, desires, and emotional needs.

A soulbond is a relationship of mutual support, an it is important to remember that your soulbonds need you as much as you need them. Sometimes a soulbond connection can form because the person you’re bonded to is the one who needs your help more at the time.

If you are a soulbonder, make sure you are taking care to support and care for your soulbond as much as they care for and support you and your relationship will grow and develop in love, trust and understanding.