Accidental Soulbonding

For many– maybe even most– soulbonders, soulbonding isn’t something they set out to do intentionally, rather something that happened naturally, without knowing exactly what was occurring. A deep connection formed all on its own, and a bond showed up on their own volition.

If any of these sound like experiences you’ve had, you might be a soulbonder already and not yet realize it:

  • You are a writer/roleplayer whose fictional characters “have a will of their own” or “refuse to do what they’re supposed to”
  • You experience what seems like multiplicity/other entities sharing your mind/body, but you don’t fit the diagnostic criteria  for dissociative identity disorder/OSDD
  • You have the sense that fictional characters spontaneously or gradually take up residence in your mind as full people.
  • You feel like you can ‘channel’ fictional characters spirits  the way a medium would channel the spirits of dead people.
  • You have a fully or partially realized internal space where characters interact in your mind with one another and/or with you
  • You ‘just know’ things about certain characters even though they were never stated in their source material, whether you are the author or not. (character’s exact height, favorite ice cream, etc)
  • Someone in fiction, or in real life, addresses a certain character and a reply just automatically comes out of your mouth=
  • You get into whole conversations with people ‘as’ a fictional character without meaning to
  • You experience periods of being a fictional character/a fictional character inhabiting your body (shifts/fronting)
  • You pose a question mentally to a character and they answer back.
  • You ‘sense’ the presence of a certain character in your mind mentally/emotionally
  • You sense that a character has a certain emotion for you/or wants something from/for you
  • You feel an emotional connection/friendship with a character that feels returned