Are you fictionkin?

How do you know if you are metaphysical fictionkin?

You will know you are metaphysical fictionkin if you go through a fictionkin awakening and believe the cause of that awakening is somehow metaphysical/supernatural/spiritual.

What metaphysical origins do fictionkin believe in?

Individuals under the metaphysical fictionkin umbrella have a variety of different, and often very personal beliefs about their origins. However the majority of metaphysical fictionkin strongly believe in two key concepts, reincarnation, and the multiverse.

The multiverse: a scientific and metaphysical concept that describes the idea that there are an infinite number of universes, and that therefore every possible universe, including those portrayed in our world’s fiction, exists and is real somewhere.

Reincarnation: the belief that people possess a soul that is born into a new body and new life after its previous body has died.

Multiverse reincarnation: the belief that the soul can travel through different worlds in the multiverse between incarnations, and that someone can reincarnate in a different universe than the one that they lived in prior to their reincarnation.

What is fictionkin questioning?

Questioning is the process of attempting to determine if certain feelings and experiences one is having are due to a fictionkin awakening or due to some other cause. It is a personal process of discernment and self-discovery and is different for everyone who goes through it.

Usage: “I’m questioning Legolas.”

“I’m questioning a Legolas kintype.”

“I’m questioning a Lord or the Rings kintype.”

What is a fictionkin awakening?

A fictionkin awakening is the experience by which one discovers a kintype. This experience is different for everyone, but there are a number of common elements.

Self-recognition: the experience of looking at a character in a certain piece of media feels akin to looking in a mirror. One experiences a sense of ‘self’ with regard to the character. The feeling that the character isn’t merely similar to you, but that you are one and the same person.

Deja Vu: The sense while experiencing a certain media that you have already experienced the events unfolding, heard the conversations taking place, etc.

Homesickness: A sense of longing to return to the world depicted in the media; a strong sense of irrational familiarity with the world depicted, despite having never been there in this life.

Missing others: A sense of familiarity, recognition, and longing when seeing characters depicted in a certain media. A sense of missing someone, as though one were witnessing a depiction of people you had known and were close to in a previous time.

Prior understanding: finding that you have understanding of deeper concepts in a specific media without needing them explained, or have knowledge of events or secrets in the media before they are revealed.

Memory flashbacks: experiencing memories of being a certain character or existing in the world depicted in a certain piece of media. This can an often does included memories of exotrauma. 

Dreams: experiencing dreams of being a certain character or existing in the world depicted in a certain piece of media.