Soulbonding: What is it?

Soulbonding is a type of connection with an external entity, generally fictive, who has a mutual attachment to, or some kind of emotional stake in the wellbeing of the soulbonder who hosts them and vice versa. This is a metaphysical phenomenon the originates outside the mind/body of the soulbonder, who calls or attracts the soulbond to them from another world. Being a soulbonder is like being a channeller or medium, except instead of spirits of the dead, one shares mental space with the spirits of fictional characters.

Soulbonding can be compared with creating a tulpa. However, there is an important difference; a tulpa is created inside the mind as a deliberate act of creation, and created for a specific purpose, with no existence before they are created. Soulbonds on the other hand are real people who exist outside of oneself before one comes in contact with them.

Even if you have never had a soulbond, or any other type of headmate before, you can probably call one. Not everyone can get a soulbond, but I have found that most people who have the desire to find one have the ability for it. Even people who are normally singlets and/or neurotypical can have soulbonds, though singlets usually (not always) are not able to let their bonds use their body completely.

People have all types of characters for soulbonds. Even characters that are typically unpleasant or hostile can make good (if sometimes standoffish) bonds, because they have an emotional link with their bonder. Though, sometimes villainous bonds tend to give advice that sounds good to *them* but would be impractical at best, and illegal/immoral at worst. Still, they are often comforting to have around because they can be very mentally ‘tough’ and ward off a lot of external stress.

Types of Soulbond Connections

Soulbonds tend to link up to people in one of three ways.

  • Permanent resident: The soulbond attaches to you , and moves in completely, becoming a new, permanent headmate. They are unable or unwilling to return to their original realm, and are now a part of this one.
  • Day tripper: The soulbond links up to you, and uses your mind like a time share. They go back and forth between their realm, and this one. Sometimes they can communicate from a distance while they’re in the other realm, sometimes they can only talk to you when they’re here.
  • Internal Cellphones: The link between you and your soulbond is like a permanent phone connection. You are here on earth, doing your thing, and they are in their realm living their own life, and the two of you talk back and forth as if over a shared phone mental phone line.