Kin Memories

Kin memories are any kind of memory  (flashback, intuition, sensation memory, innate knowledge, etc,) that someone who is kin has about their life as their kintype. 

Kin memories can be visual, auditory, taste, smell, touch– any kind of sensory input. They can be strong impressions of events, or just innately ‘knowing’ how things went without being able to see them in your minds eye. You just ‘know’ innately that’s the way it went.

Most of my memories are small flashes, and sensations. A moment of the feeling of wind on my face, the memory of a skyline, the creases on someone’s face, a few words of conversation. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, its the way memory tends to be!

If you feel comfortable with the memories you have, and don’t need to pursue longer/more in depth ones, then there’s no need for you to force yourself through meditation or astral projection. Most people don’t have long, or in depth memories, and there’s no need for you to feel invalid because of it.

Kin memories are quite often really confusing, unfortunately. Most of the time they don’t happen in any sensible order, or have much context to them, they’re fragments and they’re hard to understand. They’re bizarre, because they;re memories, but they don’t have any attachment to the life we’ve lived here on earth.

The best thing is when a kin memory happens, just to let it happen, and accept it for what it is. When you have time, you can take it apart mentally. Relive it in your mind, write about it, do whatever you can to make it clearer. But I think the best thing is to just initially accept them and basically ‘deal with them later’.

If you have a lot of small memories, try to make a timeline, when you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it might help them make more sense emotionally.