Our Archives

From Fiction Archive 2013-2021: Static archive of the From Fiction site as it existed between 2013 and 2021, hosted on Contains a large amount of Q&A posts and archived tumblr content.

From Fiction Archive 2007-2013: Static archive of the From Fiction site as it existed from its creation in 2007-2013, hosted at Contains a large number of outdated articles that are nonetheless of historical community interest.

Our Tumblrs

Soulbonder tumblr: Soulbonding focused resources and Q&A blog, no longer updated.

Fromfiction tumblr: Fictionkin focused resource and Q&A blog. Currently updated and open for questions.

External Links

Links to resources and pages maintained by others.

Soul Whispers: An early resource dedicated to exploring soulbonding.

cryptidlibrarians: Personal tumblr of long time community member cryptidlibrarians, which hosts many of their excellent articles and editorials.

Otherworldly Reconstruction: An e-text by cyrptidlybrarians; a workbook for developing a personal system of magic based on your own nonhumanity. Site of the original fictionkin/otakukin community.